I'd just like to thank your service team for going the extra mile in getting my Golf running again after a part failure. It can be stressful having your only car out of action with the potential extra costs associated but Mario and the team went out of their way to source the part and got my car back to me on the same day! The repair work was explained clearly and all communication was great. Very happy to keep returning to you guys. 

- Zan

Sean was an easy going sales agent that was not pushy at all in getting me to buy a car. Helped me figure out what I wanted and got me the best deal. Reliable, punctual and professional service. After leaving with my new car, they were available to help me with any queries and questions and more than willing to help me out. When purchasing another car and dealing with my next trade in I will definitely be coming back to Osborne Park Volkswagen.

- Clara

Had my Golf serviced today and as always Mario was welcoming and helpful. He always explains what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Have also discovered that he makes a very good cup of coffee - in fact 2!!

- Helen

I cannot speak highly enough of VW Osborne Park and Mario in the Service Department. My family and I have been customers for many years. They have been impeccable in their standards of work and information. They go the extra journey to make sure you are satisfied. Today I asked Mario for a check up on cooling system belts and tyres It was down quickly and efficiently without charge. For those reading this I would say it is not the gloss and glitz upfront you need, it is the follow up and VW Osborne Park have always done that. Congratulations to Phil McClardy and his team including Mario.

- Ron

I recently purchased a Volkswagen Amarok V6 Highline from Osborne Park Volkswagen and found the entire experience wonderful. Becca Price was my sales consultant and was enormously helpful in finding the right vehicle that suited not only my motoring needs but also aesthetic needs. 

Being a single older female purchasing a large ute can be daunting in some car yards, but Rebecca Price showed great knowledge and patience in explaining the differences between models, which would suit the type of work required and also calculated a very competitive price that clinched the deal. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Volkswagen and am so happy with my new vehicle, it has lived up to its reputation.  I am looking forward to having a long relationship with VW in future years. 

- Sabrina

I purchased my Mazda CX-3 in June 2018 from Brock Torrance in your team, in what was overall a fantastic experience. Brock was friendly, helpful and non-pushy, which was a welcome change for me as I had just been dealing with another dealership where I experienced the exact opposite - and walked away as a result.

At the time, I was planning to send through my positive feedback (as I know people often only get in touch to complain) but it slipped my mind.

Two weeks ago I took my car in to Osborne Park Mazda to be serviced. Since I bought the car, the steering column had been slightly off (when the wheels were straight, the steering wheel wasn’t) - not a huge deal and I forgot to bring it back when I first bought it. Since it was being serviced, I asked Mazda to check this and fix it - and was later told that they thought it had a bent axle, which could be the result of a crash - which sounded extremely serious and I wondered how that hadn’t been picked up in the pre-purchase safety report.

I came straight across the road and spoke to your team about it - and their response was fantastic. Mario was amazing from the beginning - he told me I could bring the car in whenever suited me, and he would put it up on the hoist and even take me out to the workshop so I could look for myself. It was very reassuring to see that he took my concerns seriously and was willing to do whatever was needed to ensure I felt comfortable and understood the process and that it was transparent - certainly no funny business.

I bought my car in about a week later when I returned from the Easter break, and as promised, Mario put it up on the hoist and had the technicians check over it. They took me out to the workshop and explained what I was looking at, and the technicians were happy to explain what I didn’t understand (and took extreme care to make sure I didn’t slip in any oil - much appreciated). Mario even called Mazda and asked for one of their technicians to come over and look at it while on the wheel alignment machine, who then suggested the car have some sort of laser measuring done (sorry, I can’t remember the exact term).

Mario then booked this in, and confirmed a hire car for me for the service date so I could get to work without any hassles.

This Wednesday I bought my car in and handed it over for the day, and was given a lovely Tiguan to drive in the interim. When I came back in the afternoon, both Mario and the service manager explained the results in such a way that I understood and felt comfortable. They also offered for me to bring the car back in 6 months to check the tyre wear which is much appreciated.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fantastic service and care that your team have given me, and I hope they will be commended on this. From past experiences with other dealers, I was worried that my concerns may be ignored and the whole thing swept under the rug - but your team went above and beyond to do the opposite.
I’m so glad I purchased my car at Osborne Park Volkswagon, and I will certainly be recommending it to my friends and family - and will be back when I need to purchase another car.



My car was serviced yesterday and a part of that was the drop-off and pick-up by the courtesy bus driven by Jillian.I know she has been with the company for some years and I want to commend her for what she adds to the overall service, she compliments and extends all that is done for customers. Such a polite and compitent woman with a friendliness and humour that makes a trip in the courtesy bus a pleasure.  I am sure the company thanks all the staff for their efforts and I am wanting to highlight Jillian’s contribution to all of that.

Good wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas.


Good Day, 

It's not often one takes a moment to recognize the good in service these days, as many are too eager to complain or rant on social media. However, I just wanted to let you know the great assistance that has been offered to me by a member of your company (Sean Totten).  
He not only helped me buy a car but two new cars and encouraged me to go for the GTI (WHICH IS AMAZING by the way) a true salesman.  
Sean together with Brad Lawrence assisted in getting my finance approved which was a great relief coming from another country with little to no credit history.  
Sean went beyond the sale of the vehicle and assisted with a minor issue after I had taken ownership of the car, it has now been resolved and I'm extremely happy!  
I look forward to picking up my partners car in the coming week, Well Done!

I'll be sure to purchase my next vehicle through him if he is still around! He is a great asset to the company and the VW brand !  
Kind Regards,

- Kallen W

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Shaun Totten (Assistant New Car Sales Manager) while we were looking to purchase a new car. We were looking to purchase the Golf however wasn’t really sure which model suited our needs. This is where Shaun stepped in and allayed all our concerns and questions while we were deciding on our purchase. To be honest we have never met a sales person who listened to our needs and wants the way Shaun did. At no time did we feel like we were being pressured to just buy a car for the sake of it (this happened at other dealerships of other brands).

Although we took considerable time making our decision (and we are talking months here) he stayed with us and just let us know if there was anything, we needed to just give him a call. As this was happening at the same time, we were planning to go on holidays for a month.

When we returned, we received the same warm and friendly service from Shaun. Finally, we decided on a Golf GTI and had extra’s added on the order. We received our car ready to go and only had the rear in-car camera that needed installing as the company just couldn’t get there in time. That was no issue as they came out to our home to complete this install.

All in all, the whole experience as made less stressful and we felt confident in our purchase decision because of Shaun’s professional ability to read his customers and adjust his sales technique to our temperament. We have no trouble singing Shaun’s praises to all we speak to. We will definitely be buying our upgrade when it is due from Shaun. Thank you, Shaun and the Osborne team for your professional assistance in helping bring this deal altogether and for us to make the right decision on our Golf.

Andrew Simons

My Golf Convertible (bought from you about two years ago and very pleased with it) was serviced recently. Matthew Jarratt was the Service Advisor and provided an outstanding service, going beyond by assisting me with settings in the car that i previously had difficulties with. Very pleased!

- David

Dear Sir,

Recently my Volkswagen Golf TSI which I purchased new from your firm suffered failure at 55,000 Kms. It was out of warranty on a time basis. It had its regular services at Osborne Park Volkswagen. 

I returned the vehicle to your service department when the engine warning light came on. It turned out to be the no.1 piston. I now have the car back and it is performing perfectly. 

I would like to thank your service department in particular Kirsty Smith who handled the repairs and kept me informed of the progress. I found her to be very friendly and professional. 

Also like to express my thanks to Volkswagen Australia who stood by their product and covered the total repair costs, reiterating my belief in the brand.

Yours Faithfully.

-James C

I picked up my new Golf today and wanted to feedback how terrific the salesman I dealt with was. I was fortunate enough to be looked after by Michael Ainslie who was enormously helpful at all stages. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and polite and was never pushy. He was a great pleasure to deal with and I would happily recommend your dealership to others, in large part on the basis of his role. I hope that these comments can be passed on to senior staff at the dealership so they are aware of his excellent performance. Thanks Michael!

- David

I wish to commend Michael Ainslie who provided a professional and courteous service during the recent purchase of our VW. Knowledge of the vehicle, attention to detail, and timely follow-up made the experience very positive. Thank you.

- Kevin

To the manager,

Just a quick note to let you know about the excellent service I received today at your dealership. I attended to get a recall fuse fixed on my Tiguan that would take about 30 minutes.

I had my three month old son with me who was in need of a feed. I was able to sit comfortably and breastfeed and one of your staff offered to make a tea or coffee for me. The my son happened to throw up all over me and a very kind, young, male staff member offered to help wipe my back. Finally when my car was ready the staff member collected it so it wasn't to far to walk with the baby and left the aircon going to cool it down before we got in.

What could have been extremely stressful turned into a pleasant experience with a number of your staff members going above and beyond the call of duty.

Please pass on my thanks.

- Sarah C


Just wanted to send through my appreciation for the help I received in the sometimes daunting task of upgrading a car. From my first contact with Carolina, then Phil and especially Brock in 'pre-loved' cars, i received all the help and advice needed, and importantly, I was always treated with respect. I very much appreciated the lack of any pressure, as I had walked away from a very pushy guy at another dealership. Thanks also to Zoran and Holly who helped me drive away in my 'new' car completely insured.

I will be recommending you to anyone I know of looking, although I think Volkswagen's pretty much sell themselves.. Yes?

Thanks everyone.

- Janet Maltman

I would like to commend Ryan Mulholland on excellent service in regard to the effort that he put into remedying the issue that I had with the Bluetooth interface in my Amarok. I did not buy the vehicle from you (it came interstate) however, Ryan's effort to provide me with a satisfactory outcome was second to none.

I own an engineering services business and I know how difficult it is to get good staff who go the extra mile. I will certainly bring my vehicle to your establishment for service and, whilst I have owned a multitude of other brands, would strongly consider purchasing my next vehicle from you based on the commitment shown by Ryan.

- Richard C

We have just signed a contract for a new car with one of your sales team Nicole Cahill. One of the main factors in our decision was the excellent service she provided. Not only could she answer my husband's technical questions well she also gave us a very persuasive argument as to why we should select the Golf rather than the other models we had been considering. She was very considerate of my husband when he was concerned about test driving the car and put him completely at ease. She listened to us and responded to all our queries. I have worked in a client service area for many years and she is a treasure.

- John and Carol Newton-Smith

I wanted to express how impressed i am with Kirsty in your Service department,
I have had the most stressful and agonising time since i have purchased my new Jetta 2 months ago from another dealership. Then i meet Kirsty, this wonderful lady in one day took the time to listen and finally get someone to fix the problem i had with my car. I hope this message gets passed on to her as Kirsty is a real asset to your business and is the reason i can finally enjoy my new car and have a place that i can trust to take my car. THANK YOU!

- Nikki

In our search for new vehicles we've had the most satisfying experience in dealing with Mr Isaac Manuela, a New Sales Consultant. He is a vey knowledgeable Consultant with great customer focus, and a desire to assist.

We would recommend Isaac to any customer looking for a genuine service and professional advice in their search for quality vehicles.

- Serge & Gina SERGEEV

The saleslady offered me a demonstrator car for a day to enable me to gauge whether it met my needs and fulfilled my expectations. This generous offer - unprecedented in my lengthy experience of buying cars - enabled me to drive the car on a dummy run to my workplace and back under a variety of driving conditions and allowed me to test the car in circumstances far more conducive to an informed and comprehensive opinion of the car´s capabilities. I would recommend this gesture to all dealers, provided certain security criteria were met. Well done, Osborne Park Volkswagen and thank you to Katie Bignell for making this possible.

- Leslie Pinn

I wanted to write to you to express what great customer service I received from Seraya Tapper, Assistant Service Manager.
I popped into the dealership on a Saturday as the oil light was flashing intermittently and I couldn't open the cap in my Tiguan. Seraya unhesitatingly helped me, topping up the oil for me.
I have to say that she was a real credit to your team, very cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful and willing to go the extra mile.
I will have no hesitation in recommending the dealership as a result!
Thank you for the help.

- Fay Winter

I was at the VW Osborne Park center Last Thursday, to pick-up my brand new car.
I highly recommend Katie Bignell for her professional and caring manner. Her ability to understand my needs and good advice enabled me to configure the final factory options for a great looking car, stress free.
Thank-you Katie for your great customer service and gift! I wish you much success in your future career with a quick promotion to a higher role :-)
I take this opportunity to Thank Isaac Manuela too, for assisting me at last Thursday’s pick-up appointment. Good customer service.
It was a real pleasure doing business with you both.
In appreciation,

- Patrizia Di_Stefano.

I would like to bring to your attention my recent contact with a staff member under your direction, Mr Michael Ainslie.

In short, my wife had recently spent a considerable amount of money with your company to repair her Golf which was (on recommendation) expected to continue to serve her for at least the next 3-5 years. Unfortunately this was not the case and the vehicle failed to an extent that financially, it was no longer feasible to repair. Needless to say this took a very sharp toll on my wife’s emotional state. Having said that, she decided to trade the vehicle in and re-purchase from your company.

I initially coordinated a meeting and possible sale with Mr Michael Ainslie. I also expressed my concerns in relation to my wife’s emotional state with the recent happenings.

At the end of the day, business is business and we are all in business to make money and I don’t usually take time to write letters of this nature. However, my message to you regarding Mr Ainslie is that I found him extremely professional from start to finish. He was courteous in every manner and managed the complete sale (and to this date the after sale) with the professionalism and integrity that no doubt gives credit to both your company and himself. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him (and therefore your company) to any prospective vehicle buyer I may encounter given my line of work.

To this end, I would like you to accept this letter as a personal commendation for Mr Ainslie. I personally thank him for his approach and handling of the sale and more importantly the situation as a whole.

- Vini Paduano

I recently had to take my Golf to Osborne Park VW, Western Australia. After having a problem misdiagnosed twice over 2 days by the RAC, who on the third attempt informed me (correctly) that it was the water pump but then added there were no water pumps available in Australia, I telephoned Ryan (Service manager). I drove the car from the RAC depot to VW Osborne Park and within minutes I was told that it was the water pump and it could be replaced within 24 hours. I was absolutely amazed to receive a text the next day (about 8 working hours later) to say it was all ready for collection. It was clean and running smoothly. What service!!! Restores your faith in VW. Many thanks to Ryan and the team at Osborne Park.

- Margaret Houghton

We recently bought a Polo Comfortline. I would like to bring to your attention the excellent service we received from Blake Robinson. It is refreshing to deal with a sales man who listens to his customers needs and acts to provide solutions to meet those needs and not his own agenda. The transaction was fast and painless and we were driving away in our new car with a minimum of fuss. What a great little car it is too. Thank you Blake, we will be back.

- Steven Beilken

I dealt with Kirsty from my first phone call, and the service I received then and from that point on was absolutely fantastic. Kirsty took what was a pretty difficult situation (my car was at another garage, had been sketchily diagnosed as having a faulty timing chain amongst other things and needed to be towed in immediately) and offered assistance I couldn’t find elsewhere.

I won’t bother you with all of the technical details as I’m sure you can find the history of the repair job. Suffice to say that Kirsty acted in a thoroughly professional manner throughout and always gave me the impression she was doing absolutely everything she could to facilitate the necessary repairs with my best interests at heart. I knew it was going to be a costly exercise from the start, but her attention to detail and her ability to find another way when it was needed has left me with a truly fantastic perception of your business. I don’t think I’ve ever written a feedback such as this, but you are very lucky to have someone like that within your company and I felt compelled to let you know!

Thanks to Kirsty for her efforts throughout. I know where I’ll be going when it comes time to upgrade to a new VW.

- Kevin Hawker

Hi Phil

I am writing to pass on my many thanks for the fantastic service I have received from the service team at your dealership in Osborne Park. For close on 5 years now I have frequented your dealership to purchase and service my vehicles. Recently I had a warranty claim on my company VW Caddy the whole repair process handled by Naz which was main a completely painless experience, this experience was further made pleasurable by the excellent service that Jillian gave with taking me from the dealership to work and returning. Jillian’s attention to customer service was amazing, she certainly knows how to make it a pleasurable experience. Yesterday I had my VW Jetta serviced, Chui was my service advisor and as per usual Chui made the whole process seamless with no hassle what so ever.

I would like to thank you and your great team for their efforts, you have one happy customer here. I will have no issue with returning my business and recommending you to friends and family.

- Jonathon

To whom it may concern,

I purchased my Passat R36 nearly 4 years ago and it is the best vehicle I have ever had. The customer service and attention to detail on the servicing side has been great but that is not why I am taking the time to write to you.

The compressor in the air-con was faulty and so was the heating on the driver's side heated seat. I was aware these items were likely to be out of warranty and there was going to be a charge. To my delight when I dropped off the car I was informed by the customer service assistant that because it wasn't out of warranty long they would fix the issues in good faith. I have never been compelled to express my satisfaction in this way before but felt an obligation to with such commitment to customer service you have shown.

Thank you Osborne Park Volkswagen you have a loyal customer who will sing your praise to those who will listen!

- Michael Crookes, Managing Director, Hisco

Hi Phil.
I purchased a Tiguan from your dealership last Monday and this process was facilitated by Carolina. I am sending you this communication to inform you of my gratitude for Carolina's pleasant demeanor, professionalism and decency. My experience with your dealership was very positive.
Many thanks Carolina.

- Mark

I think that your service was very very good. The service department knew more about tow bars than they should and they made me feel very confident I was making the right choice.

- Peter


Great service and love the courtesy bus!

- Fiona

I'm very happy and will be returning!

- Wayne

Hi Phil.
I purchased a Tiguan from your dealership last Monday and this process was facilitated by Carolina. I am sending you this communication to inform you of my gratitude for Carolina's pleasant demeanor, professionalism and decency. My experience with your dealership was very positive.
Many thanks Carolina.

- Mark


The professionalism of the Sales Person (Carolina Roberston). I also recommended a work colleague to her and my colleague subsequently also purchased a vehicle from Carolina. Carolina is very pleasant to deal with a strong attention to customer service. Example on the day I collected my new car it was raining and Carolina was already waiting for me with an umbrella so I would not get wet walking to the car.

- Peter

Knowledgeable staff who extended the utmost courtesy who attended to our questions with patience and understanding . . . and the coffee was great too!

- Gerald

Knowledge of vehicle by sales person, ability to answer questions, no, "I´ll check on that" or "I´m not sure, etc. Finance and aftercare staff also efficient without being pushy.

- M&M Entertainment


The sales rep was very informative yet not pushy. Interested in us and seemed to have plenty of time to spend with us. Very lovely lady.

- Pamela

I was taken for a test drive, which involved Annie having to use her own car and she was very patient. In my lifetime I have bought several new cars and no one has ever taken the trouble to explain the features at delivery as she did.

- Robin

Carolina was very helpful in arranging time for delivery as well as test drive to accommodate my work schedule. She was also very kind and nice during the whole purchasing process.

- Yunsheng


Annie was up front about the best price they could offer us and didn´t mess around like another dealership we dealt with.

- Natasha

Salesman went above and beyond to find the vehicle and remained patient even after I changed the colour selection a few times to ensure delivery before a certain date.

- Jeremy

Yesterday I took possession of my car. The handover was done by Annie. I would like to compliment her on her professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic manner in handling this. She thoroughly deserves an accolade for this effort.

- Mick Malone

I purchased a Tiguan from your dealership last Monday and this process was facilitated by Carolina. I am sending you this communication to inform you of my gratitude for Carolina's pleasant demeanor, professionalism and decency. My experience with your dealership was very positive. Many thanks Carolina.

- Mark Mazur

I recently bought a Volkswagen Polo from Ross Boucik and I just wanted to let you know what a positive experience I had and what a pleasure it was to deal with him.

I visited a few Volkswagen dealerships in Perth as well as some other dealerships and after a hiccup buying a Volkswagen demo elsewhere, I came back to Ross because there was no doubt that he was the person I wanted to discuss buying a new car from.

He was very friendly, helpful and professional - exactly what is needed when buying an important item like a car.

He took the time to explain everything to me and was very clear and honest in his negotiations. He's an asset to your dealership and I would happily recommend Ross to any of my friends looking for a car.

This is my fourth Volkswagen - one in Sydney, two in Europe and now this one in Perth - and once again I'm a happy customer!

I have a small problem getting the iPod connection in the glovebox to work but I'll contact Ross to find out if there's something I'm not doing correctly with it.

- Sarah

I don't have a question. I just like to complement your service team. My Golf has been serviced at Osborne Park for about 5 years. Generally, they are run of the mill scheduled services. When there have been issues or the team have found issues during the service I've always been able to pick my car up at the end of the day, as scheduled with additional work completed.

Naturally my interaction has been with the team in the show room. There is one stand out in that team and that is Chui. Not sure of her technical background but she is always capable of explaining what work needs done, what investigations need done to confirm additional work. I have a huge issue with how customer service standards seems to be falling. That is not the case with Chui who makes contact as needed, e.g. they have the car keys, as I invariably drop the cars before you open.

Servicing the Golf is always a pain free event. Keep it up.

- Chris W