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Global competition demands that innovation cycles become ever shorter, that model carousels turn ever faster, and that numbers of model and equipment variants increase year after year. This has caused our Genuine Parts range to grow at an explosive rate.

We therefore make every effort to ensure that every single Genuine Parts product is always available for every Volkswagen vehicle. Even if that vehicle is getting on in years.

Air Filters

Your engine can only develop its full power, if it gets the precisely metered fuel-air mixture that it requires, and if the intake air is free of contaminants. By being precisely adapted to engine type, a Volkswagen Genuine air filter will ensure that both these conditions are met. It lets your engine breathe freely, provides low fuel consumption, prevents wear and helps to minimize harmful exhaust fumes.

Starter Batteries

Starter batteries do a lot of heavy lifting. They not only provide the energy needed for engine starting, but also for every vehicle’s many electrical and electronic safety and convenience features. It is therefore critically important for it to perform reliably at all times and circumstances, since the vehicle could not otherwise provide mobility.

Brake Discs

You’re familiar with the output of your Volkswagen’s engine. However, did you know that during rapid deceleration, the brakes have to cope with multiple amounts of this force? That’s a real test of resilience, particularly for the brake discs, where the heat is really on. In fact, when deceleration occurs while travelling downhill, brake disc tem-peratures can rise as high as 700 °C (1300 °F).

Brake Fluid

It looks like any normal fluid, but has very special characteristics, on which your safety depends. When you press the brake pedal, it is the job of the brake fluid to transmit the applied force to the wheel brakes to slow your vehicle.

Brake Pads

Brake pads, along with brake discs, are among the most highly stressed automotive parts. In fact, during full braking at speed, the brake pads are applied against the brake discs with up to 1000 kg of force. If either of these components is worn out, it should be replaced immediately – and needless to say, with new Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

Clutch Sets

Stepping on the gas pedal, driving off, shifting and accelerating – it’s easy work for you, but a lot of heavy lifting for the clutch. It has to transfer rotary movement and torque from the engine to the drive train before once more disengaging. And it has to perform this engage-disengage procedure many thousands of times, each time as reliably as the last. Volkswagen Genuine clutch sets have been optimally designed for Volkswagen vehicles.

Coolant Additive

You know that your engine needs to be protected from freezing, excessive heat and corrosion, but have you ever heard of protection against cavitation? For all of this engine protection, you can simply rely on Volkswagen Genuine coolant additive. Mixed in the right proportion with a special water, it keeps the engine from freezing, and protects it from heat and corrosion.

Dust and Pollen Filters

Poor air quality in vehicle interiors has a tiring effect on occupants – and that can be dangerous. Volkswagen Genuine dust and pollen filters keep dust, soot and microorganisms outside, and ensure that the air in the vehicle’s interior remains fresh. Even allergy sufferers can breathe easily: Pollen is filtered out effectively.

Fuel Filters

Fuel is unfortunately not quite as pure it appears. It contains fine contaminants, such as dust, rust, water and tank residue. If they ever end up in your engine, they would quickly cause serious damage to it. Volkswagen Genuine fuel filters are able to prevent this from happening by purifying the fuel, so that the engine’s service life remains long.

Headlights and Taillights

Headlights and taillights dominate the appearance of your vehicle, while, of course, performing important safety functions. Unfortunately, they are among the most frequently damaged parts of a vehicle when accidents occur.

Genuine Oil Filters

Oil allows your engine to function. It lubricates, cools, seals the combustion chamber and protects against corrosion. It filters out dust, metallic grit, oil carbon and soot particles. Volkswagen Genuine oil filters constantly purify the circulating engine oil, allowing only clean oil to reach lubrication and bearing points in the engine. They ensure optimal engine performance and long service life.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers work very hard to keep you safe on the road. They have to ensure that the wheels retain contact with the road surface in all situations and that the vehicle keeps safely on course – when accelerating, braking and steering on uneven and wet road surfaces, with just a car and driver or a full vehicle.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite a compressed mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber at a precisely defined moment. Any ignition of the fuel-air mixture that occurs either too early or too late can adversely affect engine performance and fuel consumption, and even cause damage. Employing Volkswagen Genuine spark plugs eliminates this possibility.

Timing Belts

The timing belt is located on the front end of the engine and connects the crankshaft and the camshaft. The camshaft on the cylinder head ensures the regular opening and closing the valves. Timing belts are subject to extremely cold and hot temperatures, and to severe mechanical stress. During its service life, a timing belt travels an enormous rotational distance within the engine, equal to more than six times around the globe.


Your windscreen is an important component of your Volkswagen, and not just for clear vision. It also significantly contributes to the structure of your vehicle, helps to control the cabin climate, gives UV protection and helps to protect against injury in an accident.

Windscreen Clear

Driving for 2 seconds without clear vision at 130 kph [81.25 mph] means driving blind for 72 meters. Restricted vision in road traffic puts the safety of all road users at risk, significantly increasing the risk of an accident.

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